Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Development.

About SFIA7 development

Organisations and individuals from both the global SFIA user base and specialist subject matter experts are invited to take part in the ongoing development of SFIA. Help us to continue to keep the Framework relevant to your needs and address the important skills issues you are facing.

SFIA7 beta release now published

The SFIA Foundation is pleased to announce that SFIA7 is now available as a beta release.

A slide deck describing the release is here .
There is specific focus on the updates relating to:
  1. Digital transformation – we have created a specific view of the SFIA7 skills for these skills
  2. Agile / DevOps – we have created  2 specific views of the SFIA7 skills for these 
  3. Software Engineering – new skills added and other SFIA6 skills updated
  4. Big Data/Informatics – skills added and revised, and guidance on which skills are typically associated with various Big Data topics
  5. Service management – new skills added and importance of a services focus made explicit in a number of other skills
  6. Cybersecurity – a significant addition to the levels of responsibility to re-inforce that security is a responsibility for all
  7. The knowledge dimension – sanother significant addition to reflect the importance of knowledge

We are making the beta release available to enable you to review and test the content.