Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Requirements.

About SFIA 7 development

Organisations and individuals from both the global SFIA user base and specialist subject matter experts are invited to take part in the development of SFIA Version 7 - help us to continue to keep the Framework relevant to your needs and address the important skills issues you are facing.

While the IT and software engineering industry evolves with ever changing technology, approaches, trends and new focus areas it remains very much a people industry - highly dependent on their skills and competencies.  Current issues are well reported and identified as including:

  • addressing particular skills gaps
  • digital transformation in both the private and public sector
  • cyber security
  • ensuring the employability of students and enabling them to maintain their skills throughout their working life
  • the globalisation of the industry

Since its formation in 2000, the SFIA Foundation has been instrumental in addressing the skills issues facing the IT industry; it developed and made available a skills framework that has established itself as the global common language for discussing IT skills; it has become the de facto global IT skills framework and the Foundation has created an ecosystem to support it.

The SFIA Framework has continued to remain relevant and at the forefront of skills development because it is updated by industry and business for industry and business; it is generic and simple and its underlying design principles remain sound.  We are initiating the update process again to create SFIA Version 7.

SFIA V7 Consultation and Update

The SFIA Foundation is pleased to announce the initiation of its consultation and update process.  This is very much an evolution of the success of the previous versions of SFIA and is intended to build on them and ensure that the SFIA Framework continues to address the needs of industry and business.  It will continue to be the global common language for the Technology, IT and Digital professions; it will continue to address the current and future needs of industry and business cross all sectors and it will continue to be truly global.

With SFIA’s global reach it is essential that we not only continue to have global involvement but that global contributions are increased.  This has happened year-on-year but it remains an essential component of the SFIA success and we particularly welcome coordinated and proactive involvement form all regions.

We have already received some suggestions for areas where the Frameworks can be enhanced and these are being put into the consultation database for wider consideration.

SFIA is updated through a process of open consultation - You are invited and encouraged to take part.

How to get involved

You can get involved with this consultation and update process by suggesting requirements for enhancements, drafting new or refined content and taking part in reviews.  You can:

  • raise requirements for change directly into the consultation database
  • endorse requirements and/or comment on requirements
  • speak directly to either the SFIA V7 project manger or SFIA Operations Manager to air your views
  • contribute to or coordinate subject matter expertise in specialist areas
  • help draft content
  • help to review suggested enhancements
  • help with translations

Do get in contact with Ian Seward,  or Peter Leather,  to discuss how you can help.