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SFIA - DDaT Collaboration

SFIA 7 skills aligned to the 137 UK Government Digital Service DDaT roles. Based on the work of MoD, HMRC and DWP and brought up to date to SFIA 7.


The UK Government Digital Service has published some 137 digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles in support of digital transformation along with illustrative 'career paths' and 'employment stories'.

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The UK public sector has been a long-term user of the SFIA Framework and three of the largest departments, MoD, HMRC, and DWP have mapped the SFIA skills to DDaT roles using SFIA 6 which had specific updates to address digital transformation.

A number of SFIA users within the public sector have asked for further information about such mappings and in particular have expressed interest in seeing this work updated for SFIA 7. In particular they wish to see their public sector roles mapped to the most commonly used private sector skills framework. SFIA 7 was again updated to reflect current views on digital transformation.

The SFIA Foundation has undertaken this illustrative mapping inspired by the work of MoD, HMRC and DWP and specifically brought it up to date with SFIA 7. The work was carried out by .

With the very significant costs associated with the update of any framework, the SFIA Foundation will continue to look at the DDaT to ensure that subsequent versions of SFIA continue to address the needs of digital transformation.

Please Note:  These role mappings are illustrative and the SFIA Foundation would offer the same advice and guidance that the Government Digital Service offers - The role mappings should not simply be taken and used without thinking, they are illustrative and a sound starting point but organisations must tailor the role mappings to their specific environment and needs.

The mappings will also be refined and updated to reflect further practice from DDaT usage and the possible inclusion of additional skills where appropriate.

For further information please contact the .

This mapping consists of four components:

  • DDaT SFIA Role Mappings Summary Excel
  • DDaT and SFIA Commentary - to be published
  • DDaT Cluster and Role Mapping Summary - to be published
  • DDaT - SFIA Detailled Mappings - to be published