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SFIA - EU ICT Role Profiles

The EU has published 30 ICT Role Profiles. In support of collaboration and for the use by the communities, SFIA Competency Profiles are created to illustrate opportunities for synergy and collaborative use.


The EU has published a description of ICT Role Profiles.  These are presented in the douciment:  CWA 16458-1:2018 European ICT Professional Role Profiles – Part 1: 30 ICT Profiles.  This presents 30 role profilts.

The SFIA Foundation is collaborating with the eCF project in this and is looking to produce a mapping of these roles to SFIA Professional Skills and Generic Attributes.

Note:  There are very good reasons why, over the last 20 years, the SFIA Foundation has resisted publishing standard role profiles. However the user community is asking for guidance and so it is appropriate to share this information with appropriate caveats for sensible usage.

The SFIA Foundation is led by industry and business.  Industry recognises that role definitions may vary  considerably between different organisations even though the role name or job title may be the same - this is because context is key.  

Feedback from employers of ICT Professionals is that they find it helpful to position standardised ICT profiles in the context of typical ICT Role families. This allows for effective resource planning, recruitment, deployment and professional development.

With this experience from industry and business in mind; illustrations of SFIA Competency Profiles are attached for the EU ICT Project Manager Role. These illustrate what the SFIA Community would see as a number of roles in a family.

This work is only for illustration and information - the SFIA Mappings are not meant to be prescriptive. 

In addition, while this sample role and role family is presented to align with the EU definition published, it is very unlikely that an organisation would have the same skills profile for their roles as presented here.

Draft and discussion of EU ICT Role Profiles and SFIA Competency Profiles can be downloaded here.