Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Development.

User experience evaluation : Level 5

Changes from SFIA 6 to 7added removed

Advises on achievement of usability (including health and safety and accessibility) of specific visual design approaches and their suitability for different audiences. Advises on what to evaluate and type of evaluation. Manages user experience evaluation of systems, products or services, to assure that the stakeholder usability and organisational accessibility requirements have been met, required practice has been followed, and systems in use continue to meet organisational and user needs. Evaluates Advises on what to evaluate and the type of evaluation to use and the extent of user involvement required. Works iteratively with design aspects of web tenders and a proposals including wireframes and mockups. Ensures teams to ensures that the results of evaluations are understood and acted upon by system developers. Influences design teams to take action designers and developers of systems, products and services. Advises on the findings achievement of required usability tests and accessibility levels of specific designs or prototypes.

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