Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Requirements.

#1006 IT management: change request pending

missing IT Management Skills


Mike Chad says:
Oct 24, 2014 01:54 PM

there is a suggestion that we should have a separate skill for IT management which could go from say level 4 through to Level 7 (supervisor, manager, department/divisional manager, Directors/CIO) and some of the work activities could also cover dedicated resource and planning managers with maybe optional WAs on technical coaching (some possible work activities, people ones created by Gary for UKHO). Though there is the issue as to what the Knowledge and Skill would be as some of these WAs will be covered by Behavioural skills:-
a. Function/Department management - Monitors and manages performance of the assigned organisational unit. Takes full responsibility for its effectiveness. Takes action to remedy deficiencies.
b. People – Supervision - Provides supervision, motivation, technical direction, development, training and mentoring to subordinate team members. Assigns work to team members as appropriate. Manages staff performance.
c. People – Team Leadership -Leads a team of people assembled to complete a specific project or task. Facilitates discussion of team goals, roles, needs, and responsibilities. Leads team meetings to review progress and performance, ensuring follow-up on previous decisions. Participates in defining the ground rules for individual and team responsibilities.
d. People – Performance Appraisal - Ensures that the performance of staff managed is appraised and assessed in accordance with agreed standards, procedures and timetables and that the results of assessments are correctly reported back to those being appraised.
e. People – Development Planning - Following HR policy and standards, determine individual learning and development requirements and facilitate the creation and management of a balanced development plan for each member of staff managed to reflect both short to medium-term business objectives and take into account individuals' longer-term aspirational goals.
f. People – Work Scheduling - Schedules work, taking account of individuals’ abilities and the requirements of the work. Ensures all work is carried out and documented in accordance with required standards, methods and procedures and that any applicable configuration management procedures are adhered to.