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#98 Knowledge Management - new skill?: change request pending

Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International) Needs to be called out as a specific skill set(s) Thought needs to be given to the full cycle of skills from strategy through the key steps; identifying, capturing, verifying, storing, dissemination and maintenance of knowledge.

"Quality knowledge and information enable people to perform process activities and support the flow of information between service lifecycle stages and processes. Understanding, defining, establishing and maintaining information is a responsibility of the knowledge management process ... ..." 

"Establish the definitive source of knowledge and share information across the service lifecycle and with stakeholders in order to maximize the quality of information and reduce the overhead in maintaining it ... ..." 

"Provide knowledge, information and data for deployment, service desk, operations and support teams to resolve incidents and errors."

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SFIA7 Project Manager (Peter Leather) says:
Jan 02, 2018 03:23 PM

Although this change request is raised from a Service Management perspective; knowledge management is an important capability across all IT (and organisation) functions.