Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Requirements.

#95 Demand Management - new skill?: change request pending

Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International). Demand Management (in terms of predicting from the business / customer demand) isn't really covered adequately.

"To generalize, demand management focuses primarily on the business and user aspects of providing services, whereas capacity management focuses primarily on the resourcing and technology aspects" ITIL Service Strategy

Capacity Management touches it but it is vague and more technically focused.  Suggest this is called out as a separate skill (4 - 6/7) possibly in 'business strategy and planning' .  There is a strong link to Capacity Management BUT in 'serverless', etc. this doesn't have to be so...   

Attached to Business strategy and planning