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#90 HCEV - seperate the skill from the job: change request pending

Skill level descriptions for User Experience Design (HCEV) can read like a complete (and quite expansive job) rather than an individual skill.

The individual skill seems to cover solution architecture, design, development, requirements gathering, planning and costing,  and more.

In addition, some readings of this skill make it some like user experience designer. Some make it some like a 'just' a graphical designer which is arguably a different, but related skill (perhaps content authoring could be repurposed from being so heavily text based to include graphical content).

Suggest re-evaluating the bredth that is covered by this skill as it may be that some aspects should be included in others skills, and some should be removed from this specific skill.

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SFIA7 Project Manager (Peter Leather) says:
Jan 05, 2018 11:21 AM

Daniel -thanks for the critique - Interesting to compare SFIA5 of the equivalent skill - see

and bearing in mind how different this skill is (whats been lost and what it now talks about) this was described in the Moving to SFIA 6 document as

1 - a name change - HCEV User experience design (previously Ergonomic design)
2 - and a new level -HCEV User experience design (previously Ergonomic design) now has a level 2 description