Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Requirements.

#65 COPL - Review level descriptions: change request pending

Continuity planning has SFIA Level 4 and 5 but is fully described at Level 5 only.

The descriptions for Continuity planning/management are not balanced across the two levels 4 and 5.  All the detail is at level 5, while only a single succinct statement makes up the description at Level 4.

The other factor here is that Level 5 starts by saying "Owns the service continuity plannng process", which as a phrase would align better with SFIA level 6. 

The Level 5 description could usefully start with "Leads the development and implementation of a continuity management plan", with the Level 4 description scaled down to say, "Implements and contributes to the development of a service continuity plan",   

These observations were prompted when developing the SFIA profile for an actual Continuity Manager position.

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