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#42 Revisit the need for the 4 Sustainability skills

In 2010 - 4 sustainability skills were added to SFIA version 4 to create SFIA 4G. This should be revisited with 2 key lines of inquiry. 1 - Should sustainability been seen as a standalone set of skills - or can it be adequately covered in other specific skills? 2 - Do we need 4 separate skills?

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The attached document from 2010 explains the rationale for introducing these 4 skills.

The four skills are:

  • SUST Sustainability strategy (in Strategy and architecture)
  • SUMI Sustainability management for IT (in Strategy and architecture)
  • SUAS Sustainability assessment (in Change and Transformation)
  • SUEN Sustainability engineering (in Development and implementation)

The document states:

"in the management of sustainability the inclusion of four new skills will help incorporate sustainability thinking into the mainstream. "

One of the principles of SFIA is to reflect skills seen in the "real world of work" - do the 4 sustainable skills pass that test?

My personal experience is that take up of these skills in most organisations and by individual IT professionals is either non-existent or negligible. Anecodotal feedback from other SFIA consultants is the same.

Are there any training, qualifcations etc which rely on these skills?

Download: SFIA4G_sustainability_skills.pdf (997.1KB) says:
Oct 16, 2017 10:09 AM

I tend to agree. Perhaps generics could be adapted to include?