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#39 Measuring Service Performance in a wider context

In government large numbers of users (external - general population) systems need to measured in terms of their performance, not just in terms of service level agreements, but also in terms of user feedback from engaging with the service or product.

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Current Service Level Management does not address the need for a much wider measurement framework. The role of Performance Management at various levels from Head Of  to Apprentice. An example can be found here:

A mixture of Analystics  (INAN) and Service Level  Management ( SLMO) does not feel right. says:
Nov 26, 2017 05:39 AM

Agree with this. Industries moving to iterative and more agile methodologies need people with skills to measure the end user experience and impact of existing or legacy systems. In agile Service Management this is defined as 'customer value'

Both quant and qual data can be used to this aim.