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#35 Artificial Intelligence (AI) - New skill or skills?

The importance of AI needs to be considered and introduced.

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From Australian Public Sector SFIA Forum:

Need to consider a new skill AI to reflect the increased use of AI in decision making wrt large data systems.

Ian Seward (General Manager) says:
Sep 11, 2017 10:50 AM

This came out of the Australian Public Sector Forum with a focus being on AI related to automated decision making associated with large data such as facial recognition or identity confirmation.

There is perhaps another angle to this in the area of autonomous machines. Need to further discuss scope of skill sin AI.

Matthew Burrows says:
Oct 18, 2017 06:51 PM

Had lots of discussions on AI and machine learning over the last year. At the moment only Analytics mentions this, but that doesn’t mean the other skill descriptions don’t apply. One discussion last week asked about programming AI applications and systems, and all agreed that PROG covered the coding aspects - it doesn’t make a specific reference to the purpose of the code, but if we included all the possible scenarios then the descriptions would be too long and require constant updating. The focus needs to be on describing what people actually do - “flying a plane” rather than “flying the following types of plane....”