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#28 Digital Use Skills - introduce this area

Introduce a number of 'digital Use skills'

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From Australian Public Sector SFIA Forum:

Consider introducing digital use skills mostly at L1 & L2

The reasoning behind this is that for many users their work is largely administrative and there are no skills identified in SFIA in this area. They may be 'stepping stones' for future roles or just may be users skills. 

One reason for doing this is to enable all people working with IT systems being able to have a SFIA skills assessment to identify their skills rather than to have to exclude large numbers of staff because their skills don't naturally match the current scope of SFIA.

Ian Seward (General Manager) says:
Sep 06, 2017 10:17 AM

This actually raises a bigger question - how far reaching should SFIA become?

Ian Seward (General Manager) says:
Sep 06, 2017 12:24 PM

This change could have additional benefits. A number of areas see their workers as IT staff although they are largely users of IT systems. While they are typically not IT staff they are usually classified as clerical and admin. While this may be accurate it perhaps doesn't reflect the important in their role and especially where they are entering or extracting data from systems which is of a critical nature.

This could still usefully be aligned with the generics and have possible lead on into more 'senior roles' which perhaps do not require the more 'technical' experience in IT development and IT operations. says:
Sep 07, 2017 04:55 PM

I agree this could be developed to reflect roles that are predominantly ones that require the use of technology to produce/process date e.g. extensive use of spreadsheets, publishing using a work processor, database extraction.

SFIA7 Project Manager says:
Sep 10, 2017 05:37 PM

The UK Forum for Computing Education highlights 3 bands of people who need digital skills (

Digital Citizens need a basic proficiency in digital skills in order to communicate, find information, purchase goods and services.

Digital Workers need deeper digital skills as part of their day to day work activities. These could range from formatting documents, creating spreadsheets or using specific digital technologies which support their particular occupation which from example could range for scientists, to marketing professionals and business leaders. [Note - so not limited to clerical / admin roles].

Digital Makers – need to have the skills to build digital technologies. These can range from less advanced tasks such as configuring spreadsheets, writing apps to
designing telecommunications infrastructure and complex search algorithms.