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#22 Capability Improvement - reintroduce updated SPIM and clarify METL

SPIM was removed from SFIA5 - It should be reintroduced and clarification with METL established.

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The skill of Software Development Process Improvement (SPIM for SFIA V5) should be reintroduced for those that are specifically charged with improving the capability of organisations as a whole.


This should be renamed, rescoped and redrafted to be more Capability Improvement - reflecting the wider scope of this skill.  This is akin to 'production engineering' from the manufacturing world.

While distributing aspects of continuous imporvement is sound, METL does not address the wider issues and scope of this activity; BPRE could be considered as covering this but in reality they are quite different in practice. says:
Sep 17, 2017 09:11 PM

This might be useful if combined with awareness of lean approaches to process improvement. I don't think SFIA should endorce CMMI as the only form of process improvement available