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SFIA is grounded in real-world information systems practice. That practice changes and SFIA changes with it. As a standard used by many people in many places it should and does change slowly, with ample opportunity for users to drive and limit that change. The process starts with user-created 'requirements for change' which can be created, debated and rated here.

Have your say to enhance and influence SFIA. We need you to suggest changes to SFIA. Anyone can register to request a change to SFIA.


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  • DBAD - consider any implications of DevOps and automation 0 #1242 11 Jan 2018

    We should review the skill & skill level definitions associated with database administration to consider any updates required to ensure configuration of (populated) database environments for testing, quality assurance.

  • (Service / Process) Automation - new skill? 0 #100 2 Jan 2018

    Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International) The rise of DevOps means we may need to consider this as a skill

  • RLMT - more emphasis needed on Supplier (Relationship) Management 0 #99 2 Jan 2018

    Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International) Supplier (Relationship) Management seems to fall between the cracks in the current version of SFIA. The advent of (and growth in popularity) of Service Integration and Management (SIAM) adds…

  • Knowledge Management - new skill? 1 #98 2 Jan 2018

    Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International) Needs to be called out as a specific skill set(s) Thought needs to be given to the full cycle of skills from strategy through the key steps; identifying, capturing, verifying, storing, disse…

  • CPMG - more focus on service design 0 #97 2 Jan 2018

    Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International) The current skills does not provide enough emphasis on the role of designing in capacity at all.

  • Skills needed for creation and maintenance of a Service Catalogue 0 #96 2 Jan 2018

    Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International) The creation and maintenance of a service catalogue is touched on very briefly in portfolio (POMG) and in more (but still insufficient ) detail in Service Level Management (SLMO). Suggest th…

  • Demand Management - new skill? 0 #95 2 Jan 2018

    Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International). Demand Management (in terms of predicting from the business / customer demand) isn't really covered adequately.

  • PROD - downplay sales & marketing references 0 #94 30 Dec 2017

    The Product Management (PROD) skill could be reused across a variety of roles (e.g. in agile team, or in Service Management) if the references to sales and marketing weren't quite so strong.

  • QUAS - revise lv3 skill level description 0 #93 30 Dec 2017

    QUAS3 reads like QUST. Should be closer to CORE3.

  • PEMT - Remove reference to change and/or service delivery environments 0 #92 30 Dec 2017

    Not sure why PEMT6 references managing individuals within change and/or service delivery environments!?

  • SINT - check lv3/4 descriptions 0 #91 30 Dec 2017

    The overlap between the skill level descriptions for SINT3/SINT4 make it hard to separate out the levels. Arguably the only real difference is the inclusion of "moderately complex problems" in level 3.

  • HCEV - seperate the skill from the job 1 #90 30 Dec 2017

    Skill level descriptions for User Experience Design (HCEV) can read like a complete (and quite expansive job) rather than an individual skill.

  • Seperate STPL6/BUAN6 skill level descriptions 0 #89 30 Dec 2017

    Remove duplicate text in STPL6/BUAN6

  • TECH - clean up lv4/lv5 skill level descriptions. 0 #88 30 Dec 2017

    Remove "The specialism can be any area of information or communication technology, technique, method, product or application area." If this is really needed, then add to the overall description.

  • MKTG - Revert to Marketing instead of Digital Marketing 0 #87 30 Dec 2017

    SFIAv6 description makes this skill seem very limited to digital marketing, leaving a gap that the v5 description of Marketing seemed to fill.

  • INCA - change examples to be less website-centric 0 #86 30 Dec 2017

    Make the examples given in INCA less website-centric through use of other examples … Content Authoring is used in a wide variety of contexts.

  • New Skill - Coaching/Mentoring 1 #85 30 Dec 2017

    Transfer of skills and knowledge through hands-on mentoring/coaching is an important part of the professional environment. At present this kind of skills/knowledge transfer is not well articulated by a skill in SFIA.

  • New skill - Team/Exec Support 0 #84 30 Dec 2017

    The currently isn't a specific skill that covers the role of Team Administrator / Personal Assistant / Exec Assistant adequately.

  • IRMG - Rename to Information Governance 0 #83 30 Dec 2017

    Consider renaming IRMG from Information Management to Information Governance.

  • GOVN - 0 #82 30 Dec 2017

    Expand to cover the broader view of EIT Governance (reference the ISACA CGEIT materials COBIT model). Name change to Enterprise IT Governance.

  • GIS 0 #81 22 Dec 2017

    Adding a skills around using and maintaining a GIS systems, using as tool for problem solving and decision making processes. using for visualization of data in a spatial environment such as an asset management system.

  • Cognitive Computing and Robotics 0 #80 20 Dec 2017

    Welcoming our new computer overlords to SFIA

  • Create a glossary of SFIA terminology 0 #79 15 Dec 2017

    It may be helpful to new or inexperienced SFIA users if we create and publish a glossary of SFIA related terms.

  • Review Skills from an IT Supplier's Perspective 0 #78 10 Dec 2017

    When viewed from an IT supplier or vendor perspective, and the skills required for that organisation, SFIA throws up some interesting white areas. Among others these include marketing, HR, finance, pre-sales & sales & education. Consulting or professional services while being pretty well covered …

  • PEMT - review content and format of the Performance Management skill 0 #77 8 Dec 2017

    This was a new skill introduced in SFIA6. I feel it needs some review to ensure it addresses the key aspects of Performance Management in the work place and is complementary in approach to other people management skills in SFIA.

  • EMRG - add reference to technology roadmaps 0 #76 7 Dec 2017

    Technology road mapping is a well-established concept/technique relevant to technology assessments. Suppliers and product providers also publish their own product strategies and road maps. Reference to roadmaps and roadmapping in EMRG will ensure the focus is not just a "point in time " assessment.

  • IT Service Business Life-cycle Approach 1 #75 6 Dec 2017

    Current SFIA categories need to be expanded. I suggest taking a life cycle view of the service life cycle. To make it easy, imagine if one was setting up an IT business, division, project or initiative from scratch - then this list of categories covers not just people, processes, tools & partners…

  • Incident Investigation 0 #74 6 Dec 2017

    Abbreviated version of SCTY407 needed in SCTY3

  • SFIA as a Platform 1 #73 4 Dec 2017

    Is there is an case to port SFIA and making it a cloud based service? 1. SFIA as a Platform 2. SFIA as a nation-wide skills inventory 3. APIs to others in the eco-system 4. LinkedIn (& MSWord) integration 5. Ability to map SFIA with CoBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, eTOM and others More details below.

  • Recognition of a broader set of People Management skills 0 #72 30 Nov 2017

    There are some areas of people management which are recognised as critical for an effective and high performing IT workforce but which aren’t really touched by SFIA. Broadly these can be captured under 2 headings: • Employee engagement and satisfaction, attraction and retention of high performi…

  • The skills needed for skills assessment 0 #71 30 Nov 2017

    The skill associated with "skills assessment" is tucked away under Learning assessment and evaluation. However skills assessment is frequently performed in other contexts e.g. workforce planning, performance conversations, capability improvement, organisation design.

  • GOVN - update IT governance descriptors 0 #70 30 Nov 2017

    The role of IT governance becomes more into the foreground during the design and implementation of new IT operating models. E.g. related to outsourcing or service integration developments. More focus could be given to ensuring there is a focus on value of governance and that it included the opera…

  • Digital Entrepreneurship 2 #69 29 Nov 2017

    This is a request to stretch the boundaries of SFIA to encompass the skill needed to identify a business opportunity using novel digital technologies, and then acquire and deploy the necessary resources required for its commercial exploitation.

  • RESC - Resourcing - separate out recruitment and talent planning skills? 0 #68 28 Nov 2017

    This skill description combines 2 strands which may be better separated: 1. recruitment 2. workforce / talent planning Although the 2 dimensions are related they are often (typically) found in different roles / different teams / different functions. Having the skills merged as they are in S…

  • CORE COMPETENCIES 0 #67 28 Nov 2017

    Add ACCURACY to Autonomy, Influence, Complexity and Business Skills.

  • User experience 1 #66 26 Nov 2017

    Consider developing the criteria of this skill to incorporate more from disciplines of Ethnography, Human centred design and Design thinking. e.g.: Review the User centred design roles …

  • COPL - Review level descriptions 0 #65 23 Nov 2017

    Continuity planning has SFIA Level 4 and 5 but is fully described at Level 5 only.

  • DBDS Database Design - Insufficient distinction between level descriptions 0 #64 23 Nov 2017

    The wording in Database Design skill-level descriptions is too similar for levels 3, 4 and 5. It is difficult when assessing against this skill, or when considering the skill for a role-profile, to gauge what level is relevant.

  • Include responsibilities for Diversity and Inclusion 4 #63 21 Nov 2017

    Promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is an important aspect of good people management - it’s about valuing everyone in the organisation as an individual. To realise the benefits of a diverse workforce it’s vital to have an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to par…

  • Service Improvement an explicit skill 1 #62 9 Nov 2017

    Introduce a Service Improvement skill

  • TEST - Improvements to address the more technical aspects of a Test Engineer role 0 #61 8 Nov 2017

    Some changes required to the wording of the SFIA 4 / 5 skills levels to address the more technical elements of the modern Test Engineer to cover Test Automation and Performance Testing or alternatively consideration given to creating a separate skill for these common Test roles.

  • STPL - Enterprise & business architecture 0 #60 8 Nov 2017

    STPL Skill description for Level 6 - make the main points first.

  • TMCR - Learning design and development. 0 #59 8 Nov 2017

    The v6 skill-level descriptions for TMCR are each 1 level too high

  • Review each skill description to establish if it should reflect the SaaS 2 #58 6 Nov 2017

    With an increased focus on the end user (general public), consider each skill description to see if it should reflect the need to include the "service" element of the skill as all participants in delivery need to consider and often work with the end user.

  • Language refresh 2 #57 31 Oct 2017

    A general comment about refreshing the language such as using ‘cyber security’ instead of ‘security’ as well as ‘digital’ and ‘cloud’ in some places to add relevance or specifically draw in the new aaS world.

  • Security Administration - Consider Blockchain and Cryptography 0 #56 31 Oct 2017

    Consider whether dealing with Blockchain and Cryptography would be skills in their own right. Suggested adding administration of these to Security Administration

  • IT Infrastructure - bring up to date 2 #55 31 Oct 2017

    Update old language to reflect current views on infrastructure around cloud services etc.

  • Pen Testing - reflect how this has evolved as a component of acceptance testing 0 #54 31 Oct 2017

    Consider adding in as a component of Acceptance testing or adding acceptance testing into the description of Pen testing.

  • Information Security - Minor change around risk and consideration of security architect 0 #53 31 Oct 2017

    This change identifies a minor change to wording and also raises a couple of points about the security architect role.

  • Digital Forensics - Add 'totality of findings' 0 #52 31 Oct 2017

    The explicit reference to "computer' related evidence is too restrictive and incorrect.

  • Add Disaster Recovery into Data Management 1 #51 31 Oct 2017

    Disaster Recovery should be considered in this skill

  • Ensure SFIA6 Corrections Included 1 #50 31 Oct 2017

    A number of people have commented that there are a number of typos and errors in SFIA6 and these should be corrected.

  • Enhance SFIA to address Digital Accessibility Issues 0 #49 19 Oct 2017

    SFIA needs to address the skills needed to develop assessable systems.

  • Architecture skills should start at lower level 3 #48 18 Oct 2017

    Users have requested that the architecture skills start at a lower level to reflect 'size' and the difficulty of getting architect skills at L5 so this would reflect a more junior level on an architecture career path - particularly for Solution Architect

  • BENM - Benefits management minor changes 0 #47 10 Oct 2017

    The skill description and the skill level descriptions can be improved.

  • Embedded systems and Internet of Things 1 #46 1 Oct 2017

    There is a skill set for those who make and code embedded systems. whether weather stations or drones. They include real time Analog to digital sensing, low-level coding including assembler, but now also IP and networking, RF etc

  • Skills for Research Software Engineers? 0 #45 1 Oct 2017

    Research Software Engineers -AKA science coders. They do stuff like numerical modelling, High-performance computing, algorithm development etc. Currently, there is a single PROG line for coding that covers some non-overlapping capabilities.

  • Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts, Crypto 1 #44 1 Oct 2017

    Blockchain, DLT, SmartContracts, Crypto are topics I believe SFIA need to incorporate into the scheme without delays.

  • What about automation / engineering skill sets? 0 #43 1 Oct 2017

    Skills focused Operational Technology? With industry 4.0 and IT/OT convergence bringing IT and OT skill sets closer than ever, it would be great to see how these skills sets might work closer together with in the SFIA framework.

  • Revisit the need for the 4 Sustainability skills 4 #42 1 Oct 2017

    In 2010 - 4 sustainability skills were added to SFIA version 4 to create SFIA 4G. This should be revisited with 2 key lines of inquiry. 1 - Should sustainability been seen as a standalone set of skills - or can it be adequately covered in other specific skills? 2 - Do we need 4 separate skills?

  • DLMG - separate out software process improvement 1 #41 1 Oct 2017

    For SFIA6 - software process improvement skill was removed has been merged into systems development management. Why? Many roles focus on software process improvement but not systems development management – they should be separate.

  • RLMT - separate out supplier and stakeholder management skills 5 #40 1 Oct 2017

    SFIA6 merged 2 skills - Stakeholder Relationship Management and Supplier Relationship Management. Although there are similarities - the 2 skills should be de-merged. Going back to the SFIA5 definitions would be a short-cut - but, ideally, both skills should be revisited. Developments of the SIAM mod…

  • Measuring Service Performance in a wider context 1 #39 19 Sep 2017

    In government large numbers of users (external - general population) systems need to measured in terms of their performance, not just in terms of service level agreements, but also in terms of user feedback from engaging with the service or product.

  • Research Skill needs strengthening 2 #38 17 Sep 2017

    It would be good to more clearly distinguish to concept of research in common use of the term (information gathering) and research more directed to creating new knowledge (the definition used in Government funded KTP technology transfer projects and by universities for PhD degrees). Good to distingu…

  • How to address Technical Writing skills 0 #37 15 Sep 2017

    A number of user organisations have remarked that there is not a neat match for Technical Writing skills.

  • Measurement - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 1 #36 8 Sep 2017

    Consider introduction of skill descriptions to support Measurement capabilities. Product and process measurement is a key component of Software Engineering practices; in addition measurement is also of growing importance in other areas of enterprise IT.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - New skill or skills? 4 #35 6 Sep 2017

    The importance of AI needs to be considered and introduced.

  • Update the Data Skills to reflect new data thinking 2 #34 6 Sep 2017

    Given the increased importance of data in digital transformation, interoperability and 'large data' capabilities and directions a number of data skills need to be revised and enhanced.

  • Data Science - New Skill? 5 #33 6 Sep 2017

    A new data science skill is required.

  • Data Quality - New Skill? 3 #32 6 Sep 2017

    A new data quality skill is required.

  • Data Governance - New skill? 1 #31 6 Sep 2017

    More emphasis on data is required - to reflect current direction of digital transformations.

  • Reference Guide Format - Needs to be significantly improved 3 #30 6 Sep 2017

    The reference guide is a vital tool, many still like to work off a book but it is difficult to navigate and some areas need to be enhanced.

  • ASMG - extend to lower level 2 #29 6 Sep 2017

    ASMG starts at L4, but activities and work seen at L2 &3

  • Digital Use Skills - introduce this area 7 #28 6 Sep 2017

    Introduce a number of 'digital Use skills'

  • Generics, Skills and Knowledge - better explanation in Reference Guide 1 #27 6 Sep 2017

    Need to better explain the relationship of generics skills and knowledge. Also need to raise awareness of the importance.

  • Extend Skills one level down to address trainees or allow entry paths 6 #26 6 Sep 2017

    Some individuals do not have the skills as identified at the lowest level in SFIA but are working in this area - could we recognise the lower level as a trainee?

  • Currency to be addressed 5 #25 6 Sep 2017

    The issue of currency needs to be addressed

  • Skills vs Knowledge guidance - Guidance needed 1 #24 6 Sep 2017

    Need enhanced description of skills vs knowledge

  • New Entrants and repositioning - guidance needed 0 #23 6 Sep 2017

    Consider introducing guidance around new entrants to IT and repositioning

  • Capability Improvement - reintroduce updated SPIM and clarify METL 4 #22 6 Sep 2017

    SPIM was removed from SFIA5 - It should be reintroduced and clarification with METL established.

  • Other Categories Required - Wider Scope 1 2 #21 6 Sep 2017

    Request to address Spirituality, Religion, Ethics, Conflict Management and Peace

  • TEST - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 1 #20 10 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • Verification, Validation & Testing - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 2 #19 10 Aug 2017

    Should the description of skills related to verification / validation activities be standalone or embedded in each individual software engineering related skill.

  • Real-time Systems Development - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 0 #18 10 Aug 2017

    Should real-time systems development be described as a stand-alone, end-to-end skill or is it better positioned as a particular instance of all the software engineering skills?

  • PORT - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 0 #17 9 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • SINT - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 1 #16 9 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • METL - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 1 #15 9 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • CFMG - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 3 #14 9 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • SYSP - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 1 #13 8 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • PROG - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 1 #12 8 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • DESN - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 1 #11 8 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • Skill description in structured fashion 1 #10 8 Aug 2017

    It will be easy for reader of the SFIA framework document , if skill description is written in terms of bullet points and keywords are highlighted ..

  • Addition of sub-levels under Levels of Responsibility 4 #9 8 Aug 2017

    For each of 7 levels in current SFIA framework can be further categorized into 3 sub-levels : Entry(a) , Middle(b) and Exit(c)

  • REQM - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering 3 #8 7 Aug 2017

    Some changes in emphasis and wording across the Skill description and skill level descriptions to ensure Software Engineering is addressed.

  • Knowledge needs to be addressed more explicitly 8 #7 5 Aug 2017

    SFIA's position on knowledge while correct does need to be reviewed and enhanced. Few seem to understand the position or why the particular position was taken. Knowledge needs to be revisited and addressed in such a way that it is clearly understood and allows the position to be used effectively.

  • Need To Factor In The Rise Of Cloud Based Computing & Provisioning and Machine Learning 1 #6 2 Aug 2017

    Just as in the 90, when thin and thick client provisioning was the standard IT services that shaped the IT workforce skills set. The evolution since then has not stopped and in fact ushered in virtualization, hosting, Dev-Ops to cloud computing. Hence the need to reflect the curve and bends ahead.

  • Need To Recognise the Roles of Product Owners 5 #5 2 Aug 2017

    The rise of iterative and agile based approach to solution and service delivery has evolved into the cross over of the business sponsor roles and technical delivery assurance practitioners into Product Development owners, specialist and managers

  • Extend Teaching & Learning Skills to Lower Levels 3 #4 28 Jul 2017

    Suggest defining the teaching and learning skills in SFIA at lower levels, so these equate to practice (at least in Australia).

  • Audio Visual skills 1 #3 27 Jul 2017

    A couple of user organisations and individuals have suggested that the AV aspects could be developed further.

  • Quality Standards Skill - Needs Reviewing 3 #2 18 Jul 2017

    Aspects of quality are distributed through out skills but there are 4 skills associated with quality including this one, which is not that well defined. Consider merging into Quality Management

  • Project management 2 0 #1103 2 Oct 2014

    This is a well-known skill today and many talk about Prince however we need quality project managers who can lead and influence work. L7 -4 [This appears to be a request for expansion of Leadership skills in SFIA]

  • Terminology 1 #1069 2 Oct 2014

    The names of some items could be reviewed to bring them up to date or more clear – not a high priority though.

  • Domains 1 #1054 2 Oct 2014

    SFIA+ does not address many domain-specific requirements of HEALTH INFORMATICS, it (currently) focusses on IT per se mainly. I do know there is work ongoing under the e-Competence Framework that I thought involved BCS (like it does ICS) that intends to add domain-specifics to that set of standards.…

  • Service improvement 0 #1206 2 Oct 2014

    Service improvement - suggest including a skill that relates to an analyst who identifies / implements improvements to service

  • Ethics 0 #1035 2 Oct 2014

    Security: Professionals should comply with ethics in order to safe guard business entities and activities carried out in an organization

  • Business intelligence 0 #1036 2 Oct 2014

    Security: As mentioned I would like to see a new category of Business Intelligence to better define the roles that support it.

  • Research 3 0 #1026 2 Oct 2014

    Revise: I am arguing that research (defined in the sense of adding knowledge that is original and new to the field) could apply across the existing categories. Research could add new knowledge to the field of business processes, software architectures or development processes to give a few examples.…

  • Strategic management 1 #1032 2 Oct 2014

    Represent better: Strategic Management Skills, Network Skills, Innovation Skills and Event Management Skills

  • Presentation 1 #1031 2 Oct 2014

    Represent better: A vertical approach into defining skills specific to unique sectors could be a better way of representing skills in the framework

  • Procurement 1 #1023 2 Oct 2014

    Reassess: Procurement. More guidance on how to evaluate suppliers for procurement.

  • Research 2 1 #1019 2 Oct 2014

    Reassess: I am puzzled that the only mention of research is under business strategy and planning. I can see that adding new knowledge to the field of business strategy and planning is legitimate. But I can also see research adding new knowledge to other areas of IT. Including technical strategy and …

  • Level key words 3 0 #1224 2 Oct 2014

    Proposal to change Key words: L2 from “assist” to “assist/support”

  • Level key words 2 0 #1222 2 Oct 2014

    Proposal to change Key words: L1 from “follow” to “follow/identify”

  • Business analysis 2 1 #1237 2 Oct 2014

    Partial deletion from Business Analysis BUAN Level 3 to give a new Level 2. Level 3 -Investigates operational needs and problems, and opportunities, contributing to the recommendation of improvements in automated and non-automated components of new or changed processes and organisation. Level 2 - A…

  • Mobile apps 1 #1058 2 Oct 2014

    Mobile - not my area, may affect activities and related skills within a number of areas notably development and user interface related.

  • Research 0 #1007 2 Oct 2014

    Missing Research and innovation management does not seem to be fully included in SFIA. Presumably the head of Microsoft research would struggle to map their skills to SFIA. How should I map the skills I have in managing researchers working with technology companies to SFIA? Entrepreneurialism in a t…

  • IT management 1 #1006 2 Oct 2014

    missing IT Management Skills

  • Redundancy 1 #1218 2 Oct 2014

    Many clients have said there are too many skills, i.e. 4 in quality is too many and could be collated. Should some skills be in there at all i.e. Radio frequency engineering (RFEN)

  • Business process improvement 2 0 #1234 2 Oct 2014

    Level 4 – Investigate current business processes and identify alternative solutions.  Carry out a feasibility study.

  • Business process improvement 0 #1235 2 Oct 2014

    Level 3 Apply appropriate tools and techniques to identify areas of improvement for specific business processes. Recommend alternative solutions to the problems identified.

  • Configuration management 0 #1239 2 Oct 2014

    Level 3 – Applies tools, techniques and processes for administering information (such as the tracking and logging of components and changes) related to configuration items. Level 2 - Understands tools, techniques and processes for administering information (such as the tracking and logging of co…

  • Business analysis 0 #1121 2 Oct 2014

    Lately Hadoop et al has heralded a new age of price availability and open communities that have become transformational within fields as wide as Epidemiology, Network performance and behaviour analysis, Predictive Policing, Social media analytics, oil and gas, tax and anti-money laundering the list…

  • Programme management 0 #1102 2 Oct 2014

    Key area to have a strong ICT Programme Managers.

  • Tech 0 #1067 2 Oct 2014

    I don't like skills like "Technical Specialism" or the "application configuration something" that someone mentioned because I think they will encourage the trend to overspecialisation that I've watched over the last half-century.

  • Qualifications 0 #1112 2 Oct 2014

    Having objective, industry-aligned vocational and academic qualifications for each SFIA level will do much to enhance the view of IT as a profession. At the moment, someone can apply for CITP status on the basis of having spent 3 out of the last 5 years doing a job at SFIA level 5 even if they don�…

  • Security 1 #1041 2 Oct 2014

    Government Digital Strategy: There should be clearly defined regulations for Information Security standards and when collecting privacy information of customers, people. Secure data stores should be in place no matter whoever interacts with the system in a way to be served whilst meeting the stipul…

  • Enterprise architectural 0 #1010 2 Oct 2014

    Enterprise Architectural Skills related to Advanced Business Frameworks missing

  • Domain knowledge 0 #1043 2 Oct 2014

    domain knowledge - Government Digital Strategy: Specific inclusion for industry requirements such as public sector service requirements. Similar to question 5 perhaps.

  • Legal regulatory 1 #1052 2 Oct 2014

    Does anyone have a viewpoint about whether the keywords of legal and regulatory should appear in other skill descriptions i.e.: other than under the skill name of Financial management in the Service strategy category? Another question. Do we have anything to learn or in common with the European e-C…

  • Data skills 0 #1051 2 Oct 2014

    Data - Currently the SFIA framework is showing various data skills split across a number of categories: Strategy & architecture, Business change, etc. With Data Architecture fast becoming a discipline in its own right maybe the SFIA framework should reflect this by including a new sub-category spe…

  • Service desk and incident management 0 #1241 2 Oct 2014

    Change to Level 1 of USUP Level 1 – identify the procedures to follow to handle requests, incidents and general enquiries.  Understand the importance of fully documenting the process.

  • Cloud 1 #1059 2 Oct 2014

    Cloud - this may be the next SFIA revision. Game changer will hugely disrupt "Service Delivery" and "Solution Development and Implementation" may need new skills, will requires a substantial review of activities within the existing skills.

  • Big data 2 0 #1076 2 Oct 2014

    Big Data is becoming a significant topic in the field of IT but it does not really introduce a new discipline or specialization. I totally agree with Ed that the existing classifications would already have covered Big Data in one way or another and probably needs only to be refined

  • Big data 0 #1075 2 Oct 2014

    Big Data - I agree that Big Data is becoming a significant field, however should it not be covered by one of the existing data management fields such as IRMG Information Management, INAN Information Analysis or at a stretch Information Content Publishing. Data Analysis DTAN and Database/repository …

  • TECH CONS 0 #1061 2 Oct 2014

    Another example is Technical Specialism or Consultant, these are "catch all’s" and really some is Technical Specialist in X or Y Consultant, and if people call themselves these it is with an emphasis on the X or Y in terms of their development path. 

My focus is for being an assessor in BCS a…

  • Data scientist role 1 #1123 2 Oct 2014

    All the above is nothing new though the extent and scale is staggering, the sheer numbers that could become valid applicants under data scientist roles will challenge the understanding of many who may consider these activities as academic as opposed to mainstream or IT.

  • Defining scope 0 #1126 2 Oct 2014

    Again having worked for bodies delivering assessments under standards such as CMMI, there are difficulties defining scope and relevance especially for the experience for higher SFIA 5-7 for competence recognition.

  • Project management 0 #1022 2 Oct 2014

    No text supplied

  • Domain specifics 1 #1053 2 Oct 2014

    domain knowledge - SFIA+ does not address many domain-specific requirements of HEALTH INFORMATICS, it (currently) focusses on IT per se mainly. I do know there is work ongoing under the e-Competence Framework that I thought involved BCS (like it does ICS) that intends to add domain-specifics to that…

  • Finance 1 #1219 2 Oct 2014

    Clients have fed back that it would be useful to have a general skill around IT finance – not just part of Service Strategy.

  • Categories 1 #1214 2 Oct 2014

    Move FMIT to Procurement and mgt support

  • Policy/structure 0 #1063 2 Oct 2014

    SFIA can provide more value without substantial change - it just needs some more groups and views to bring out the skills relationships more clearly and more useably for professionals.

  • Level key words 0 #1223 2 Oct 2014

    Proposal to change Key words: L4 from “enable” to “enable/investigate”

  • Change management 0 #1030 2 Oct 2014

    Categories - Revise: Categories and skills associated with Change Management.

  • Reassess: Network Management and Project Management 0 #1022 2 Oct 2014

    Reassess: Network Management and Project Management

  • Add in an entry point at responsibility level 4 for the CNSL skill 0 #92 11 Jul 2014

    I have worked in a consulting firm for 20 years and we have found that our entry point is actually at SFIA level 4. Our senior consultant role is at level 5 and our principal consultant role is mainly at level 6. This should not be confused by the fact that may contractors refer to themselves as …

  • e Governance 0 #86 3 Jul 2014

    e Governance requires special skill combination of IT and administration. these profiles could be added to the skill at appropriate levels.

  • Needs better distinction from innovation 0 #64 8 Jun 2014

    Change wording so that it doesn't read like an alternative description of the "innovation" skillset.

  • Service Management 0 #44 27 Mar 2014

    Service Management areas need to be aligned with ITIL 3.0

  • Project Management 1 #43 27 Mar 2014

    Project Management should be added and detailed per knowledge area

  • EA: needs to be detailed per data, technology, business and applications 0 #42 27 Mar 2014

    Enterprise and business architecture development STPL: needs to be detailed per data, technology, business and applications

  • Technical specialism - change name as not just about technical 0 #21 16 Mar 2014

    The description covers many non-technical aspects, therefore the skill name should be changed. Suggest changing it to "Specialist advice"

  • IT Governance - change skill name 0 #15 16 Mar 2014

    Change skill name to "Governance" to reflect common view which sees the IT term as restrictive, particularly for Communications Service Providers, like those in telecoms or in information provision.

  • Structure description - removing "IT" term 1 #13 16 Mar 2014

    Remove "IT" from the following line "It is not proposed that these equate to jobs or areas of personal responsibility. The grouping is intended to assist people who are incorporating SFIA skills in role profiles or job descriptions, or who are building an organisation's IT competency framework."