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Choosing a licence

To use SFIA, you need a licence. For in-house use by a single organisation (or use by an individual) the licence is free of charge. In situations involving distribution or commercial exploitation there is a fee. SFIA is a not-for profit organisation, so your licence fees go to help cover our costs, not to help us build a fortune. For that reason our fees are very affordable. We hope that you will join the worldwide phenomenon that is SFIA.
Who are you and what do you want to do?The licence you needAnnual fee
Use of SFIA by an individual professional to help plan professional development. Personal User Free
Internal use of SFIA as a management resource by a single company or Government department to help manage the skills of its staff. This does not permit commercial exploitation of SFIA in relation to the sale of services, resources or products. Corporate User Free

For organisations or consultants who might wish to exploit SFIA commercially, but first want to evaluate SFIA. During evaluation no other use of SFIA is permitted.

Evaluation Free
Use of SFIA in an internal framework or scheme that you distribute to other companies in your Corporation, or to other departments in your Government. Extended Corporate User £1,750
For companies that offer products and/or services that relate to human capital management, and want to make use of SFIA in the construction, promotion or delivery of those products or services. Accredited Partner £1,750
For companies who also wish their wholly-owned subsidiary companies to be covered by an Accredited Partner licence. Global Accredited Partner £3,500
For independent consultants with expertise in human capital management, who wish to include advice on using SFIA in services to clients. You have attended or will attend approved SFIA training. Accredited Consultant £250
For organisations that provide qualifications, certifications or other services (for example: training courses or rate cards for hired staff) and that wish to help the marketing of those services by showing how they relate to SFIA skills. Mapping £1,750
For organisations that also wish their wholly-owned subsidiaries to publish the mapping of qualifications or other products to SFIA, as above. Global Mapping £3,500

Organisations using SFIA in a rate card for the supply or hire of personnel, or resource-based services. Group companies (multiple legal entities) or single legal entities operating in more than one country Rate Card (multi) £3500 per year
Single legal entity operating in one country Rate Card (single) £1750 per year
Small and Medium Enterprise organisations (11-250 employees and ≤ €50m turnover or ≤ €43m balance sheet) Rate Card (SME) £750 per year
Micro companies (1-10 employees and ≤ €2m turnover or balance sheet) Rate Card (Micro) £250 per year
For evaluation purposes only – offered to Micro Organisations for the first year only, in order to determine the value of SFIA for this purpose. This licence cannot be renewed, so continued use of SFIA would require one of the other licences to be agreed. Rate Card (Evaluation) £100

Please contact us if you need help choosing the right licence.

See our General Terms and Conditions for use of the licences.