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Software with SFIA

Our partners have developed products that can add power to your skills management processes. The summaries here all carry a link to the provider's web site.

Assess Management Ltd

You’ll know us as

We offer a variety of SFIA tools and services to suit your organisational needs. All backed up by our friendly consultancy services.  

  • IT Talent Management
  • SFIA Role Profile Builder
  • Self-assessments with line manager verification (become self-sufficient in SFIA)
  • Objective SFIA Tests/Exam services ideal for recruitment campaigns
  • Dynamic Data dashboard, employees, department the whole organisation competencies
  • Development Room for managing skills gaps
  • Organisation charting according to SFIA
  • Career pathway, employees can see what other skills in other roles are required
  • Knowledge pathway assessments using your local requirements
  • Training and Qualification logging

The only SFIA Approved supplier of online subjective and objective assessment tools in real time.

Thinking of implementing SFIA? Don’t risk the unknown, ask about our Pilot Plan.


B2V SFIA Tool is a dynamic assessment tool based on situational problem-solving competence, in which each skill is evaluated in three aspects: the familiarity with the skills demands, the self-assessment of the skill domain and the expertise in it by solving problems in situations associated with each one. The item's design is scalar and the options represent the domain levels. In addition, they are presented in a random manner, both in the order of the competencies and in the response options, to ensure that the evaluated person has no biased or manipulated answers. It allow a comprehensive diagnosis of the level of development and the competences evaluated per collaborator and any proficiency can be outlined. The same tool is used to evaluate the development level per competence for a person vs the required standard (Gap analysis to develop a development plan) as well for a given group (group gap analysis to craft a training program).

DB Results | cap2vate

Cap2Vate™ is an end-to-end capability management tool that allows organisations to not only capture their staff skills as defined by SFIA, but also incorporates existing capability elements into a management tool.

Cap2Vate™ provides you with a quick and easy way to capture staff skills. It can be customised to suit an organisation’s unique needs by importing leadership attributes, behavioural skills, and technical knowledge, which can then be assessed in conjunction with the SFIA levels of responsibility and the 102 skills as contained in SFIA 7. 

Cap2Vate™ is part of a full suite of SFIA-based services offered by DB Results. 

For more information, visit

SFIA Made Easy

Subscribe to the Lexonis cloud-based SFIA solution to achieve immediate benefits from SFIA. Deliver the functionality that your business really needs: capture your employees’ IT skills, identify skill gaps, pinpoint subject matter experts, prescribe training, generate SFIA job descriptions and analyse the capability of your IT organisation. Lexonis’ software is appealing to use, requires no end-user training and is accessible from desktops and mobile devices.


Cloud-based resource management

Seera is a cloud solution for human capital management, recruitment and workforce planning utilising the SFIA competency framework. Our revolutionary SeeraSFIA platform has arrived! Efficient job description and role management resulting in up to 50% savings in time and cost for customers is just the start. We are proud to be a SFIA Foundation accredited partner. With SeeraSFIA - the decision is clear.


skills TX2019

Data-driven digital and IT skills management.

  • Everything in one place – skills, competencies and roles
  • Replaces spreadsheets and generic free-text apps
  • Powerful analytics – enable informed decision making
  • Quickly build teams with the right people and mix of skills
  • Maximise ROI from learning and development programs
  • Increase retention and improve employee experience (EX) and engagement through living career development plans
  • Available in all SFIA languages

SaaS solution and SFIA professional services used by government agencies and enterprises worldwide.