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Software with SFIA

Our partners have developed products that can add power to your skills management processes. The summaries here all carry a link to the provider's web site.

Assess Management Ltd

ValidateSkills with SFIA

We offer SFIA online real time tools at affordable prices, SFIA Role Profile Builder is easy to use; it puts you in control of building your own IT job descriptions. SFIA online Self Assessment (subjective) enables candidates to find out their SFIA level and associated codes in their role with detailed reporting. SFIA Competency Assessments (objective) to assess candidates against specific roles using the SFIA level and codes mapped to their role, ideal for skills gap analysis and recruitment screening. Our assessment building tool holds 1000’s of SFIA questions and provides a flexible system for IT skills management, click below to visit our web site for more information.

SFIA Made Easy

Subscribe to the Lexonis cloud-based SFIA solution to achieve immediate benefits from SFIA. Deliver the functionality that your business really needs: capture your employees’ IT skills, identify skill gaps, pinpoint subject matter experts, prescribe training, generate SFIA job descriptions and analyse the capability of your IT organisation. Lexonis’ software is appealing to use, requires no end-user training and is accessible from desktops and mobile devices.


Cloud-based resource management

Seera is a cloud solution for human capital management, recruitment and workforce planning utilising the SFIA competency framework. Our revolutionary SeeraSFIA platform has arrived! Efficient job description and role management resulting in up to 50% savings in time and cost for customers is just the start. We are proud to be a SFIA Foundation accredited partner. With SeeraSFIA - the decision is clear.

skillsTX logo

Online SFIA tools designed to transform skills management.

Easily conduct skills assessments, create position descriptions and role profiles using SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age. If you’re simply wanting to understand what skills you have and potential gaps, SkillsTx Assess is for you. If you are looking to confirm what skills you need, develop Role Profiles / Job Descriptions, and implement it within your HR, Recruitment and Business processes, look to SkillsTx Define.