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Software with SFIA

Our partners have developed products that can add power to your skills management processes. The summaries here all carry a link to the provider's web site.

Assess Management Ltd

Validating SFIA Skills V6 READY or email  Tel UK +44 - 01249 444111

SFIA role builder tool

Our online SFIA role builder tool is easy to use; it puts you in control of building your own IT job descriptions.  Our wizard tool has three easy steps to build one off SFIA job description or take on a subscription to build multiple roles. If you are new to SFIA we can do the mapping for you. Email and ask for a sample job description.  For large organisations once the mapping has taken place we can offer a Heat Map, find out what codes you have and any gaps they maybe.    

SFIA online Self Assessment (subjective)

By completing the self assessment a candidate can find out their SFIA level and associated codes in their role. It’s a psychometric test for IT skills; our unique adaptive questioning will prompt questions dependent on your previous answer.  On completion the individual will see what level and which codes are associated with their role. Simply buy a token and sit the assessment, to request a token email discounts available for bulk purchase.

SFIA online Competency Assessments (objective)

Why not assess candidates against specific roles such as BA, PM, Test, IT Manager and more, aligned to SFIA levels and codes. We have mini exams in line with the role and codes associated with a generic IT job descriptions or we can build a specific exam to fit your needs. Why not use for those all important recruitment decisions or as a simple internal skills check. We can set up a dedicated SFIA campaign for your screening needs with a one off price or a subscription license.

IT Assessment building tool

We have a large bank of SFIA aligned questions; let us build you a specific assessment programme for your own needs. If you require a certification programme or wish to run an internal assessment programme let us help, it’s cheaper than you think. SFIA generic role assessments are available with certification upon passing. As a SFIA Partner we can offer a SFIA Partner Certificate programme for your organisation. 

Our services are available separately or combined to deliver an overall SFIA package along with full SFIA consultancy. We offer free SFIA advice with no obligation. Full SFIA Partner and Consultancy Approved.

E-mail for more details  Ask about our very competitive price list with no obligation.

BSM impact

BSMimpact offers a number of different cloud-based online tools which can be used separately or combined to support different uses.  Tools now updated with SFIA6 content  (V5 versions still available for those who need it).

Individual SFIA Self-Assessment The survey can be completed online, using a computer, smart phone, or tablet device. No prior knowledge of SFIA is required.  Users simply click on the link which is sent via email on booking , answer the plain English questions, complete the whole exercise in 15 - 45 minutes, and a comprehensive report is delivered electronically within 24 hours!

Organizational Assessment Once individual self-assessments are completed, the baseline org assessment report is compiled, confirming the skills and levels across the organisation, identifying trends, gaps, risks and improvement recommendations.  Delivered by Accredited SFIA Partners and Consultants, the comprehensive report allows an organization to target the skills that need development, uncover hidden potential, and create a journey plan.

Job Description Creator Make the development of job descriptions and role profiles a painless exercise!  This standalone module requires no previous knowledge of SFIA, nothing to install and creates a tailor-made SFIA-based job description or a role profile in minutes! It provides a structured, skills based platform from which to measure candidate suitability or support staff development.

Professional Development Using the Job Description Creator and the Individual Assessment, individuals can compare themselves against a particular job description or role.  The Development Assessment can be used to identify relevant training and other development interventions specific to the target SFIA skills and levels.

SFIA Match for Recruiters Develop a Job Description or Job Advertisement in minutes! Recruiters can ask candidates to complete the individual assessment, and use the Position Assessment report to identify the most suitable candidates based on their skills, skill levels and level of responsibility. The report supports short-listing and interviewing to ensure the right candidate is selected.

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Professional Skills Management

IBM Kenexa Skills Manager product is a web-based application that allows organisations quickly and easily to define their skill requirements, capture employee skills and then analyse and apply the results. Skills Manager is quick to implement and allows organisations to utilise custom and industry-recognised skill frameworks to capture employee skill assessments. The system provides easy-to-use tools to build job profiles, map skills and learning activities.

IBM-Kenexa Skills Manager on Cloud 


SFIA Made Easy

Subscribe to the Lexonis cloud-based SFIA solution to achieve immediate benefits from SFIA. Deliver the functionality that your business really needs: capture your employees’ IT skills, identify skill gaps, pinpoint subject matter experts, prescribe training, generate SFIA job descriptions and analyse the capability of your IT organisation. Lexonis’ software is appealing to use, requires no end-user training and is accessible from desktops and mobile devices.


Cloud-based resource management

Seera is a cloud solution for human capital management, recruitment and workforce planning utilising the SFIA competency framework. Our revolutionary SeeraSFIA platform has arrived! Efficient job description and role management resulting in up to 50% savings in time and cost for customers is just the start. We are proud to be a SFIA Foundation accredited partner. With SeeraSFIA - the decision is clear.