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SFIA Training Providers

Training in SFIA, the global skills and competency framework for digital transformation, IT and software engineering, is available from a number of accredited providers using SFIA Accredited Consultants with real and current skills management experience.


Our Training Providers work to the SFIA code of practice which includes ensuring that courses are only given by SFIA Accredited Consultants. They have active experience in skills management, not just a familiarity with the SFIA framework.

Training providers' courses cover a syllabus issued by the SFIA Foundation, and submit their training materials for approval.

Currently, accredited SFIA training is available at Practitioner and Consultant level and forms an Introduction to SFIA and its use.

SFIA Global Training Partners

A number of our SFIA Partners have a global licence and are, therefore, licensed to offer accredited SFIA training in any country. They may have local offices and, in some cases, trainers who can provide training in a local language.

SFIA Single Country Training Partners

Some of our SFIA Partners have opted for a licence limited to one country and can provide accredited SFIA training in that single country.



New Zealand

  • One currently being accredited

Instructor-led online training

Currently a number of our SFIA Training Partners offer their training online.

Need help?

If you need help identifying a suitable training provider for your SFIA needs or wish to become an accredited SFIA training provider then please contact