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Get help

Consultants, partners and qualifications to help implement and manage SFIA.

Accredited Partners

Partnership is a way of letting people know that an organisation has a formal relationship with the SFIA Foundation.

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Accredited Consultants

To achieve accreditation, consultants must show experience of skills management and must have attended the official SFIA Training Course. To see a list of SFIA Accredited Consultants, first select the country.

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Training Providers

Our Training Providers work to the SFIA code of practice which includes ensuring that courses are only given by SFIA Accredited Consultants. That means that they have active experience in skills management, not just a familiarity with the SFIA framework. Training providers' courses cover a syllabus issued by the SFIA Foundation.

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Qualifications and SFIA

There are many qualifications and certifications available to IT professionals. It is useful to see which SFIA skills relate to a qualification that you might be considering.

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Software Products

Our partners have developed products that can add power to your skills management processes. The summaries here all carry a link to the provider's web site.

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Accredited SFIA Training

The SFIA Foundation Accredits both SFIA Training and SFIA Training Providers. Training in the SFIA Framework and its use is the best way to gain a good understanding of the Framework and an insight into how it can be used effectively to deliver real benefits in enhancing the capability of an organisation through the management of the skills of its staff.

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Accredited Training Syllabus - General

General SFIA Training is available at Foundation, Practitioner and Consultant Level.

Accredited Training Syllabus - General - Read More…

Accredited Practitioners

To achieve accreditation, Practitioners must show experience of skills management and must have attended the official SFIA Training Course. See a list of SFIA Accredited Practitioners below.

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