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SFIA Accredited Consultant

This process is for the accreditation of individual consultants. The aim of The SFIA Accredited Consultant scheme is to ensure that consultants have an effective knowledge of SFIA and relevant experience in the field of skills management.

Accreditation is open to consultants in business on their own and to consultants working as employees of another company.

Why become an accredited consultant?

This provides evidence of your ability to make use of SFIA. It will also help you make contact with potential clients. Specifically:

  • you are licensed to exploit the SFIA framework commercially when providing consulting services
  • your contact details are listed on the SFIA website
  • you may use the SFIA Accredited Consultant logo.

On accreditation, you will receive:

  • the Accredited Consultant licence that allows you to exploit SFIA in support of your consulting activities
  • a copy of The SFIA Foundation’s General Terms and Conditions
  • the SFIA Accredited Consultant logo.

To remain a SFIA Accredited Consultant you will need to continue to pay the annual fee as defined in the General Terms and Conditions.

How to qualify

Accreditation is available to those who can demonstrate experience relating to:

  • human capital management policies and practices
  • hands-on involvement in the skills development process in information technology (this would typically be the direct management of technical staff, but that is not essential in all cases)
  • appreciation of the HR issues relating to specific processes in resource management such as recruitment, career planning, resource planning, deployment of people to jobs or assignments, staff appraisals, personal development plans, etc.
  • IT industry knowledge
  • practical involvement of the implementation of SFIA *
  • experience of providing consultancy
  • qualifications.

* The CV, and optionally an accompanying case study, should include evidence of significant involvement in an implementation of SFIA. This must be specific about the consultant’s responsibilities and contribution to the project. We strongly recommend that you read our guidance for applicants to avoid disappointment.

How to apply

To apply for accreditation you will need to be assessed:

  1. Attend an official SFIA Training Course run by an accredited SFIA Training Provider (this may be done before or after you send your CV for assessment)
  2. Complete the accredited consultant application form.
  3. Ensure that your CV is up to date. This documentation must be submitted personally by the applicant.
  4. Send the application form and your CV for evaluation to our Business Administrator
  5. We will send you an invoice for the evaluation fee. You can pay online on this web site, or see our payment details here: how to pay us

Note that the documentation must be sent by you personally, not by anyone else: not even by your employer.

When the assessment has been completed, you will receive a reply telling you if your application has been accepted. If you have already attended an official SFIA Training Course, you will be accredited immediately. Otherwise your accreditation will wait until you have attended the course.

If your application is successful, you will need to pay the annual Accredited Consultant fee as defined in our General Terms and Conditions.

If the application is not accepted, the Foundation will not review further applications until at least 12 months have elapsed.

Reinstate an elapsed SFIA Consultant Accreditation

For those wishing to reinstate their SFIA Consultant accreditation after a period of absence the following steps will apply:

For those individuals who for whatever reason have had up to two years from last expired licence:

    1. Require back dated fees to be paid (max £500)
    2. Provide evidence of currency with new version of SFIA (to be defined - but could be retraining, some ‘unlicensed’ consultancy, other?)
    3. Pay the fees for the next 12 months at current cost.

For individuals with more than 2 years from expiry of last licence:

     1. New Application to be completed using the current accreditation process and criteria (As documented above)

     2. Retraining will be required unless previous training was in last 3 years

     3. Provision of SFIA experience (The Foundation would expect some current SFIA experience (within the last 3 years) sufficient to demonstrate experience

Please note: there is no guarantee that an application will be successful if the criteria for Accreditation has changed since the original accreditation.