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Get accredited

The SFIA Foundation operates two types of accreditation - for individuals and for companies. The SFIA Foundation welcomes applicants.


The purpose of the SFIA Accreditation Scheme is to provide confidence that those accredited (individuals or organisations) have:

  • been assessed in a rigorous and independent manner against the defined criteria
  • provided evidence such that their capability can be assessed
  • are appropriately licensed to use the SFIA Framework where appropriate

These accreditations can be used by individuals or service providers to let others know about their SFIA capability or by those requiring services to have additional confidence in the capability of an individual or a service provider and that they are licensed to offer SFIA related services.

Accredited Consultants, Practitioners and Partners pay the Foundation an annual licence fee as defined in the Foundation's General Terms and Conditions and may display an appropriate SFIA logo to show that they have an appropriate understanding of SFIA. Their contact details are also listed on the SFIA web site, so SFIA users needing professional assistance can find it quickly and easily.

SFIA Accreditation for Individuals

The accreditation of individuals falls into two areas:

  • Accreditation for the provision of SFIA Services
  • Accreditation of an Individual's Skills Profile

Accreditation for the provision of SFIA Services

The Accreditation Scheme for individuals recognises several categories:

  • Foundation - not formally accredited
  • Practitioner - for individuals using SFIA within organisations, or working towards being a consultant
  • Consultant - for individuals that lead SFIA consultancy within or to organisations
  • Trainer - for individuals who offer SFIA training
  • Assessor - for individuals who offer assessment services

Further details of each of these accreditations can be found by following the above links.

Accreditation of an Individual Skills Profile

A scheme for the assessment of an individual's skills profile is being developed and will be published in due course.

SFIA Accreditation for Organisation

The accreditation of organisations falls into three categories:

Further details of each of these accreditations can be found by following the above links.

Accreditation of SFIA Training

In addition to the accreditation of individuals and organisations, the SFIA Foundation accredits SFIA Training courses.  This is to ensure that an appropriate syllabus is followed and specific learning outcomes achieved.  By accrediting the trainer and the materials, a delegate on such a course can have confidence that the training is appropriate to their needs will support their requirements and aspirations.

Currently available SFIA accredited training courses can be found here.