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Reference and guide to SFIA version 8. Framework status: Development.

#1299 Address Privacy: change request pending

Theme for consideration: Privacy has an overlap with security practices but is not the same thing as security. How will SFIA8 ensure we address privacy alongside security in the generics and perhaps in specific skills?

Being careful to steer away from legal expertise and keep a focus on digitial professionals, some example sources for more information include:


Sfia Updates Manager says:
Apr 22, 2020 03:04 PM


Privacy v. security…isn’t it the same thing?

Not really. But they are kissing cousins. Data privacy is focused on the use and governance of personal data—things like putting policies in place to ensure that consumers’ personal information is being collected, shared and used in appropriate ways. Security focuses more on protecting data from malicious attacks and the exploitation of stolen data for profit. While security is necessary for protecting data, it’s not sufficient for addressing privacy.