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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#93 QUAS - revise lv3 skill level description: change request accepted

QUAS3 reads like QUST. Should be closer to CORE3.

QUAS 3 description: Uses appropriate methods and tools in the development, maintenance, control and distribution of quality and environmental standards. Makes technical changes to quality and environmental standards according to documented procedures. Distributes new and revised standards.

QUAS overall description: The process of ensuring that the agreed quality standards within an organisation are adhered to and that best practice is promulgated throughout the organisation.

QUST overall description: The development, maintenance, control and distribution of quality standards.

it may be that the current QUAS3 skill level description would be a good skill level description for QUST4.

The QUAS3 skill level description could either be removed, or updated to be in line with (not the same as) the level of activity described in CORE3.

Attached to Quality assurance


What we decided

Accepted. As part of wider review of the quality related skills.

What we changed

The Quality standards skill (QUST) has been deleted and content merged into Quality assurance (QUAS) for SFIA7.

QUAS has been re-written.