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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#81 GIS: change request accepted

Adding a skills around using and maintaining a GIS systems, using as tool for problem solving and decision making processes. using for visualization of data in a spatial environment such as an asset management system.

Working for a City government we are finding utlizing a GIS system is invaluable for asset management, budgeting, documentation, etc.     While these systems run on infrastructure and databases that are defined in other skills that acutal use and knowledge specific to geographic information systems justifies a defined skill set.  These may be  understanding of Spatial Data and Algorithms, Cartography and Graphic Design, Model Building.  

Attached to Data visualisation


What we decided

Accepted. See "What we Changed" section for details.

What we changed

Thanks for taking the time to submit a change request. We have considered your request and our current thinking is as follows:
- GIS can be considered a specific example of a Method / tool. The SFIA skill Methods and tools has been significantly enhanced for SFIA7.
- Aditional skill for SFIA7 called Data visualisation - which I think will cover the visualisation aspect of your change request
- also we have refreshed the definition of Analytics which I think will support GIS for problem solving and decision making processes

- see also the updated skill Sepcialist advice - which can be applied to roles needeing "The development and exploitation of expertise in any specific area of information or communications technology, digital working, specific techniques, methodologies, products or application areas, for the purposes of providing specialist advice."