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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#76 EMRG - add reference to technology roadmaps: change request accepted

Technology road mapping is a well-established concept/technique relevant to technology assessments. Suppliers and product providers also publish their own product strategies and road maps. Reference to roadmaps and roadmapping in EMRG will ensure the focus is not just a "point in time " assessment.

Roadmaps will be applicable both internally and externally to organisations e.g. assessing emerging technologies against internal roadmaps and identifying opportunities to exploit new technologies. Also, external suppliers and other organisations publish their own roadmaps which can be used to assist technology assessments.

Attached to Emerging technology monitoring


What we decided


Note include the fact that EMRG needs to consider that many disruptive technologies which are a threat to current industry players.

What we changed

Included road mapping and scanning the emerging technologies for threats and opportunities. Making this relevant for digital transformation as well.