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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#71 The skills needed for skills assessment: change request accepted

The skill associated with "skills assessment" is tucked away under Learning assessment and evaluation. However skills assessment is frequently performed in other contexts e.g. workforce planning, performance conversations, capability improvement, organisation design.

Can we consider whether

  • we should revise the skill name or skill description to make it more generally applicable.
  • or are there 2 distinct areas of focus?

Using the wording from the overall SFIA skill description for "Learning assessment and evaluation" (LEDA) - there are 2 aspects described

  1. The assessment of knowledge, skills and behaviour by any means whether formal or informal against capability and qualification frameworks such as SFIA.
  2. The evaluation of learning or education programmes against defined outcomes.

Attached to Competency assessment


What we decided


What we changed

Name changed to Competency assessment.

All skill levels and overall skill description have been updated.

Considered changes to ETMG - but left that unchanged.