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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#70 GOVN - update IT governance descriptors: change request accepted

The role of IT governance becomes more into the foreground during the design and implementation of new IT operating models. E.g. related to outsourcing or service integration developments. More focus could be given to ensuring there is a focus on value of governance and that it included the operational running of processes not just monitoring activities.

Some areas to consider are:

Mention of performance of IT and also reference to the value delivered by IT,  and establishing and monitoring IT accountabilities

  • In the overall skill description;
    • the second sentence could be misinterpreted as saying this skill is about having the responsibility for provision of digital services, levels of service and service quality etc etc whereas what we are trying to say is that the governance extends over the provision of etc etc
    • It’s “corporate governance of information” the appropriate scope: should it not be “governance of information technology” because it is broader.
  • level 6
    •  the reference to staffing structures is a clumsy starter to the skill level description. This paragraph could be reordered and the final sentence “establishes policy and standards for compliance with relevant legislation” could be more generic about establishing policies standards processes procedures for governance – as it is not just governance with relevant legislation but also with agreed corporate governance approach within the organisation.
  • level 5
    • should contain reference to running governance processes .
    • level 5 and level 6 gives the impression of being mainly about monitoring whereas I think the IT governance skill should also include the operational running of IT governance processes

Attached to Enterprise IT governance


What we decided

Accepted. See change request #70.

What we changed

See change request #70.

All skill levels and overall skill description have been updated.