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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#66 User experience: change request accepted

Consider developing the criteria of this skill to incorporate more from disciplines of Ethnography, Human centred design and Design thinking. e.g.: Review the User centred design roles and skills on

Attached to User research


What we decided

Accepted. Solution must be developed alongside the 3 UX skills in SFIA v6 and the RSCH skill.

What we changed

Added a new skill User research (URCH).

Initial investigated the use of the existing RSCH skill in SFIA .

The conclusion was that although some obvious overall the focus and execution of User research (requiring heavy involvement of users) was different from the more academic research approach described in RSCH.

Also considered whether this could form party of UNAN or USEV. Agian there is value in bringing this out separately and this suppors the user centred design approach to digital services.

John Godsell says:
Dec 18, 2017 08:54 AM

This is very interesting. Thanks for the links. I am working on the GDS DDaT implementation for a government department and have found that some of the SFIA skills are relevant, but may need some updating to align more e.g. UNAN, HCEV, USEV. I should be interested in your thoughts on what modifications might be needed and also if an additional skill may be required.