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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#65 COPL - Review level descriptions: change request accepted

Continuity planning has SFIA Level 4 and 5 but is fully described at Level 5 only.

The descriptions for Continuity planning/management are not balanced across the two levels 4 and 5.  All the detail is at level 5, while only a single succinct statement makes up the description at Level 4.

The other factor here is that Level 5 starts by saying "Owns the service continuity plannng process", which as a phrase would align better with SFIA level 6. 

The Level 5 description could usefully start with "Leads the development and implementation of a continuity management plan", with the Level 4 description scaled down to say, "Implements and contributes to the development of a service continuity plan",   

These observations were prompted when developing the SFIA profile for an actual Continuity Manager position.

Attached to Continuity management


What we decided


What we changed

Added more indicators at level 4.

Smaller changes for consistency to level 5 and to the overall akill description.