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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#60 STPL - Enterprise & business architecture: change request accepted

STPL Skill description for Level 6 - make the main points first.

In the Level 6 description for Enterprise & business architecture (STPL), the key 'headline' points are in the second and third sentences.  As a style principle, the first sentence should capture the essence what is being said at [this level], followed by the corrobative statements.  So for STPL, i would expect it to say:

"Leads the creation and review of a systems capability strategy that meets the strategic requirements of the business.  Establishes the contribution that technology can make to business objectives, conducting feasibility studies, producing high-level business models, and preparing business cases."

followed by the other points in the current description, 

The sentence which is currently first, although relevant, is a supporting aspect of this skill.

Attached to Enterprise and business architecture


What we decided

Changes to level 6 made as described.