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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#47 BENM - Benefits management minor changes: change request accepted

The skill description and the skill level descriptions can be improved.

The skill descrition includes 2 superflous examples - Monitoring for the emergence and effective realisation of anticipated benefits (typically specified as part of the business case for a change programme or project). Action (typically by the programme management team) to optimise the business impact of individual and combined benefits.

Level 6 refers to business operations - this does not have to be so specific and as worded is potentially limiting the nature of this skill.

Attached to Benefits management


What we decided

Accepted. Minor changes which do not impact elsewhere.

What we changed

minor changes made to overall skill description, and level 6 and level 5 skill descriptions. Note that broadeing to "operational managers" gives scope for the benefits realisation actions needed by line managers and others like finance, HR, procurement who may all play their part in realising the intended business benefits.