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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#45 Skills for Research Software Engineers?: change request accepted

Research Software Engineers -AKA science coders. They do stuff like numerical modelling, High-performance computing, algorithm development etc. Currently, there is a single PROG line for coding that covers some non-overlapping capabilities.

Raised by Andrew Watkins on the SFIA User Forum LinkedIn group.

Attached to Programming/software development


What we decided

Accepted.  See "What we Changed" section for details.

What we changed

There are anumber of skills in SFIA7 which Research Software Engineers can utilise. Note the general caveat that SFIA skills need to be considered in the context of the employing organisation (e.g, employer's business objectives, organisation design, role design, specific roles and responsiblities).

# - updated for SFIA7, ## - major update for SFIA7, * - additional skill for SFIA7

Candidate skills for Research Software Engineers

  • Programming/software development ##
  • Analytics ##
  • Data visualisation *
  • Research ##
  • Emerging technology monitoring ##
  • Specialist advice ##
  • Data modelling and design #
  • Database design #
  • Database administration #
  • Software design *
  • Real time/embedded systems development *