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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#41 DLMG - separate out software process improvement: change request accepted

For SFIA6 - software process improvement skill was removed has been merged into systems development management. Why? Many roles focus on software process improvement but not systems development management – they should be separate.

Comments from SFIA Council survey - 2015 Q3

Attached to Systems development management


What we decided

Accepted.  See "What we Changed" section for details.

What we changed

  1. relevant responsibilities / activities removed from Systems Development Management (DLMG)
  2. new skill Organisational capability development (OCDV) added
Daniel Merriott says:
Dec 30, 2017 06:01 AM

I'm wondering how software process improvement is different from Business Process Improvement (BPRE)?