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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#36 Measurement - Improvements to address needs of Software Engineering : change request accepted

Consider introduction of skill descriptions to support Measurement capabilities. Product and process measurement is a key component of Software Engineering practices; in addition measurement is also of growing importance in other areas of enterprise IT.

Needed for software engineering processes and is seen as across a number of the engineering activities.

Thinking beyond software engineering; In SFIAv6; measurement has little emphasis – what there is combined / subservient to particular skills.

However measurement has value by being cross functional, consistent, joined-up, applicable, relevant, meaningful to many different technical and management process areas.e.g. service management, project portfolio management, product management, supplier management, contract management, financial management, skills management

Note also that Measurment / Telemetry is part of the DevOps focus as well. 

Can we look at the value of a "Measurment" skill  - focussed on ....

  • development and operation of a measurement capability to support management information needs.
  • planning, implementation and control of activities to measure attributes of processes and products in order to assess progress and / or provide indications and insights related to actual or potential problems issues and risks.
  • identification of requirements, selecting measures and measurement scales, establishing data collection and analysis methods, setting target values and thresholds.

NB This is not the same as reporting, analysis and/or operational activities or jobs which collate data which can then be measured.

Attached to Measurement


What we decided

Accepted as part of a broader need to reflect Measurement skills in SFIA7.

What we changed

A new, generic Measurement skill has been added to SFIA7.

Linked with service measurment change request, and agile, dev ops appraoches. Plus a underlying need for meausrement of organisational perfromance, KPIS etc.

Julian Bass says:
Sep 17, 2017 08:46 PM

While there is some overlap with the research skill, this seems like an unhelpful suggestion to me.