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Reference and guide to SFIA version 7. Framework status: Current standard.

#1263 SUAS - Reinstate Sustainability Assessment: change request declined

I question the retirement of this skill?

In the UK and wordwide the need to report and manage the risks assocated with ICT supply chain, security of supply, rare earth elements, climate change adaption etc are raising up the agenda. It can be found in countless strategies and policies amd industry reports. The skill to "assess" te impact of the ICT procurement/design activity, record and manage that risk, and mitigate is vital and importantly specific. In the same way that Security/Cyber/Safety are unique skills so, I believe is this, and has been.  why has it been rationalised?


What we decided


Thanks to everyone for feedback and comments.

We have reviewed the wording of the Conformance Review skill (CORE) and feel that it is applicable to the activity of assessing for sustainability.

Furthermore the use of Conformance Review emphasises that the skills of individuals who undertake sustainable assessment is re-useable and extendable to other contexts. And vice versa.

This is a positve for career development and organisational workforce planning and resourcing.

The need for areas such as Quality, Security and Safety to retain separate assurance/assessment and management/design skills will be added to the ongoing review of SFIA post publication of SFIA7.

Andy Thomson says:
Apr 16, 2018 10:15 AM

Adam Turner makes a fair point but I don't think we need to reinstate SUAS.
However, we do need to rename SUST as "Sustainability", which was an integral part of the original Change Request #42.

I see that in SFIA v7 Beta, "SUST is still named "Sustainability Strategy". If the rationalisation is to work, this skill must be renamed as simply "Sustainability" so it broadly covers: Assessment at Level 4, Management at level 5 and Strategy at Level 6.

Change Request #42 also noted that assessment is also covered by the broader skill Conformance review (CORE), so the single SUST skill should be sufficient.

In SFIA v7 Beta, SUST Level 4 skill description should imply some technical expertise but restricted scope of responsibility and not relate to strategy. I propose the following, to replace the current beta version:

SUST Level 4 - "Assesses and reports on implementation of sustainability measures in specific areas. Evaluates factors and risks (political, legislative, technological, economic, social) that arise from or impact on operational processes.

Even with the above comments in mind, SUST should remain in the "Strategy and Architecture" SFIA category. I guess "Business strategy and planning", although not ideal, is the best Subcategory.

Adam Turner says:
Apr 19, 2018 09:38 AM

Andy, seems like a sensible suggestion and agree with your comments to a point. I still however question why areas such as Quality, Security and Safety retain separate assurance/assessment and management/design skills, and sustainability is rationalised to a single skill (mitigated through your suggestions). They all have a corresponding ISO's/standards/legislation. Sustainability Skills are an equal and increasingly vital tool. Thanks