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Reference and guide to SFIA version 6. Framework status: Legacy.

Using and licensing SFIA

Important: you need a licence to use SFIA

The SFIA Foundation maintains and distributes SFIA using a licensing system. For personal career development and internal use in the management of staff, SFIA is available free of charge from the SFIA Foundation’s web site once you have obtained a free user licence. Other types of use may require a different type of licence.

The following uses are prohibited unless you obtain a special fee-bearing licence from SFIA Foundation:

  • using SFIA to support the sale or marketing of a product or service;
  • using SFIA to promote a company or other organisation or party, including in rate cards; redistributing this material in electronic or printed form to any other organisation (even if affiliated);
  • translating SFIA into another language or language variant and distributing that version.

The use of SFIA is supported by partners, consultants and training providers with experience in skills management and the use of SFIA.

The Foundation does not seek commercial gain over and above its subsistence needs, as we do need to be able to provide a relevant and useful framework which has a value in the market for those who need and use it. Our licensing terms reflect that our IP does indeed have a value, so we seek its protection through what amounts to a relatively modest fee arrangement for those who benefit commercially from its use. In other words, we only try to raise enough money to maintain SFIA, keep it relevant and valuable, and support adoption by organisations and individuals around the world. The organisation doesn’t generate substantial revenue, and has a very modest operational capability supported by the users, trainers, consultants and partners of SFIA around the world.

Intellectual property and copyright

SFIA is the intellectual property of the SFIA Foundation, a not-for-profit body. The members of the Foundation are respected organisations in the field of Information Technology whose identities may be found on the SFIA web site.

The trademark SFIA is protected in more than 35 countries throughout the world.

All material in this website is and shall remain the copyright of the SFIA Foundation.

Copying of this material is prohibited unless authorised in writing or under a valid SFIA licence obtained from the SFIA Foundation.