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Reference and guide to SFIA version 6. Framework status: Legacy.


SFIA V6, the sixth major version of the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

The SFIA Framework is updated by a process of open consultation drawing on the expertise and experience of the global user community.  This process ensures that the Framework is kept relevant to industry and business because it is industry and business that drives, defines, and reviews the updates prior to their incorporation into a new release.

To reflect changes from around the world, most of the existing skills have been updated in some way; some wording has been improved, some skills have merged and several new skills have been introduced.  The user community came together to address developments in digital, cyber security, agile, information management and big data, cloud, and a number of other areas.  While these changes have been incorporated, the underlying principles and broad structure has remained the same – 6 categories and a 7-level structure – with generic levels of responsibility and skills described at one or more of the 7 levels.  

The SFIA Framework continues to be available for the vast majority of its users under a free-of-charge licence.

Without registering, you can browse the SFIA Framework online and organisations may link to the SFIA content for their own use.

You are, however, encouraged to register on the SFIA website as this will enable you to receive important information about the Framework, be consulted on future updates and it enables you to access other SFIA resources.


Ian Seward

Operations Manager



The contents of this document are copyright © SFIA Foundation 2015