The Skills Framework for the Information Age is your essential resource for organisational design and talent management in Information Technology. Find out:

Why SFIA has become a worldwide phenomenon

How SFIA helps at all stages of the skills management cycle: resource planning, recruitment, deployment, assessment, development, remuneration.

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SFIA Foundation SFIA Foundation SFIA Foundation SFIA Foundation

The SFIA Foundation

Our strategic direction is set by our Board of Directors. Input to help define strategic direction is provided by the SFIA Council. More about the Governance of The SFIA Foundation.

Support for users of SFIA is provided by our Accredited Consultants and Accredited Partners.

There is also an online self-help group of users and consultants - the SFIA User Forum (external web site).

Software Apps with SFIA

Products to help you with effective management of skills - using SFIA.

Some SFIA Partners have built SFIA into their software products. Now you can get help with skills and resource management, with online skills assessment, and with immediate access to SFIA on your mobile phone.

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SFIA Chair Announcement

The IT skills gap webinar – 15th October 2014